Tie Dye Nails

Tie Dye Nail Art

Tie Dye Nail Art

Simple Tie Dye Nails

Step 1:  Pick a couple colors out from your Nail Polish collection that you think will blend well together.  Above, i did mostly pastel colors with only one that had a darker tone.

Step 2: Get a toothpick or one of those plastic floss sticks.

Step 3: Unscrew all of the tops off the colors you chose.

Step 4: Next comes the fun!  Paint the left section of your nail with one of the colors.  Make it pretty thick and kind of globby.

Step 5: Then quickly, paint another color down the middle and the third down the right side.

Step 6:  Take the toothpick or other tool you chose and LIGHTLY take it back and forth from the top of the nail to the bottom making a zig zag formation.  The best part about this is if one section looks bad, just add more nail polish and zig zag some more.  There is no perfect swirl and you can keep adding layers until it is to your liking.

Step 7: Since this Nail Art has quite a few layers of color, it will take longer to dry.  Make sure it is fully dry before covering with a thick top coat to even it out.